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A MEMORY MOSAIC is a memoir about the author’s adventure 40 years ago trekking in the Himalayan foothills. But it becomes more. It relates the journey he took in writing the memoir, recalling the trek and piecing together memories of many moments in his life before and after. Then the book steps farther, inviting you, the reader, into the world of memoir, seeking to inspire and guide you, if you are writing a memoir, aspiring to do so, or just inclined to think about the many stories in your life.

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MONHEGAN WINDOWS is a novel about loss, transition, healing and the magic of art and storytelling, presented in two interlacing stories. It’s set on a real island off the coast of Maine that is devoted to lobster fishing from fall through spring and transforms every summer into an artists colony and vacation retreat. This is the story — two stories — of a man lost in grief, who escapes to Monhegan Island, confused and unsure about where his life is going.

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INCOGNITO is a kaleidoscopic, quixotic story — perhaps one tale, perhaps 1,001, mixing fact and fiction told from a dozen voices, a Russian doll structure of stories within stories nestled within stories, adorned with signs and puzzles, mazes and chess, immersed in Dante and Shakespeare, classical mythology and Eastern thought, and echoing Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Jorge Luis Borges, Paul Auster, and David Foster Wallace — that searches for answers and makes you wonder, “Are there only questions?”

To preview Incognito (175 pages . . . the first one-third of the entire book), click on the novel.


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